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Online Individual Therapy

Flexibility in Scheduling

Convenience-Saving Time from Commuting to and from Appointments

Potentially Feeling More Comfortable in a Familiar Setting, Enhancing Vulnerability and Disclosure


Individual Therapy

I believe that clients can learn new skills to embrace their truth and replace negative patterns of thoughts and behaviors that have been unhelpful with managing challenging circumstances.  


Ashley uses an individual therapy mode to support clients with their work-related issues that are causing them to feel the negative mental, emotional and physical effects from the ongoing experience of oppression and marginalization. preventative self-care management. 


The Process

Individual therapy journey is very unique.  Some client's might only need to see their therapist for a few months every week while other's journeys can last several years.  Ashley has a 6-step collaborative process once clients sign on to receive therapeutic service.  Ashley utilizes a data-driven approach with clients to gather psychosocial health information to better inform intervention options to support client outcomes.  

On-going data collection will gather how well clients think therapy is going based on behavior changes. The data gathered can then be reviewed and discussed together with the therapist in session, which would likely better inform how effective interventions are supporting clients in meeting their goals and hopefully foster more openness from the client about the progress being made.

Ashley is an Out-of-Network therapist, meaning private pay is only accepted. 

Ashley Maclin, LMSW is currently under the clinical supervision of

Dr. La Shawn Paul, LCSW-R, ACSW.  NY License #079269/NJ License #NJDCATEMP-035693

Ashley Maclin, LMSW NY License #109351/NJ License #44SL06564800


What Lengths of Therapy Sessions Do you Need? + Rates

Laser Focused

30 Minutes-Sessions are Laser Focused

Good fit for clients who:

Focusing on a specific issue. This is especially good if you’re doing great in life, but you need to process through a random situation that pops up.​

Experience Shorter-Attention Spans


Have Packed Schedules 


Maintenance after Working with Me

for Several Weeks


If new to therapy services and sitting in 45/60 minutes sessions seems daunting, starting off in shorter sessions might be the best option!


45 Minutes-Sessions are Interactive

Good fit for clients who:

Are Doing Great in Life, but Need to Process Through a Random Situation that Pops Up 


Updating me when it’s been more than

6 months since our last session.


A 45-minute session is the length that most people are familiar with in terms of mental health therapy services


60 Minutes-Sessions are Intensive

Good fit for clients who:

Most people find it allows them to go in-deep and to cover more ground in fewer sessions. It also means they are able to make a “full circle” during our time together, with the deepest work in the middle of our session, allowing us time to process and pull things back together so no one has to leave in tears.


Handling a crisis situation. 

CLICK HERE To Schedule a Free 15-Minute Phone Consultation.

Ashley Maclin, LMSW
New York State Licensed Master Social Worker
New Jersey State Licensed Social Worker

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