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Ashley Maclin, LMSW
Who I Am as a Service Provider


I am honored that you have chosen to review my profile. 

I will bring my authentic self to our sessions to build a foundation of safety and trust in the professional relationship.

I believe that by building a collaborative partnership with my clients,  we can get you to where you want to be through a genuine alliance for transformative work to happen. 

I will create space to help clients feel empowered.

I believe accountability is necessary during stages of growth, and positive and constructive feedback in the professional relationship supports healthier communication skills.

I’m a firm believer that systemic racism causes extensive trauma throughout society, is a public health issue and as a trauma-informed provider, I believe I am responsible for my part in dismantling systemic racism.  


We’ve all done or said things that we aren’t proud of; myself included. The most important thing is that we are capable of learning and growing from our past and using those life lessons to fuel current goals to create a life you don't want to escape from.


I am not robotic. As I have been a client of therapy, I believe that the strength of the therapeutic relationship drives the efficacy of therapy.

When it is clinically appropriate, I incorporate my personal life experiences utilizing evidence-based practices to overcome personal challenges.

Who I Am as a Therapist

and person-centered 

We work on what you want to work on. 

I will create a space that encourages you to view yourself

as a "whole person" greater than the sum of the

challenging experiences you have lived through.

Incorporating holistic, inclusive orientations to support the diversity found amongst the human experience.

Validating your experience with overt and covert forms of oppression and marginalization.


Support developing greater self-compassion.

Grief and commitment

When we can learn to accept hurtful situations

we cannot change, and understand that acceptance

does not mean we approve of other people's hurtful behaviors, we can then create space to grieve,

 mourn and process those experiences.

Humans are inherently imperfect.  The daily journey of life causes us to need to commit to learning new behavior-change strategies that support psychological flexibility and mindfulness that then empower us to progress.

Multicultural, Liberation
and Narrative

I will honor your inner strengths

and promote resiliency building.

I understand that I need to be diligent about doing my own anti-racist work and when working with individuals from diverse backgrounds, I practice cultural humility.

Create a therapeutic space for clients to account their experiences with oppression, trauma, and marginalization through narration using the power of these stories to help them to externalize their personal challenges within a larger sociocultural context.

Decolonizing dominant monocultural psychology using historical approaches to combat neocolonialism among marginalized individuals, groups and communities.

More About Me

I believe in all forms of social justice behaviors that aim to diminish oppression and support fairness, equality and justice for all. 


I am currently enrolled at the Florida Institute of Technology earning an online post-graduate certification in Applied Behavior Analysis (under the supervision of Dr. Natalie Parks, BCBA-D), concentrating my clinical hours in Organizational Behavior Management.

I am a mother of a teen son, grew up in Des Monies, Iowa but have called New York my home since the late 2000s.  When I have free time, I enjoy listening to music, being outdoors, spending time with family and friends, and taking care of my plants. 

Ashley Maclin, LMSW is currently under the clinical social work supervision of Dr. La Shawn Paul, LCSW-R, ACSW. 

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Ashley Maclin, LMSW
New York State Licensed Master Social Worker
New Jersey State Licensed Social Worker

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